Friday 13 June 2014

Electronica Elation Playlist

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The past few months have presented much of an awakening for me in terms of the world of electronica and the many many electronic sub-genres that exist (I'm still exploring and likely will never cease doing so). This playlist includes a bouquet of tracks in varied sub-genres, which are sure to get under your skin and massage your senses with non-lethal sonic voltage. We'll kick this off with something totally fresh from the legendary Giorgio Moroder. Like some tracks here? Go explore the artists' other work & support where possible.

Scroll to the bottom for a continuous playlist.

Giorgio Moroder – Giorgio's Theme

Giorgio Moroder's website

The Robot Scientists feat. Lisa – Black Hole

The Robot Scientists' website

Theatre of Delays – Shine

Theatre of Delays' website

Haioka – Blowin In The Wind of Love

Haioka's website

Solarein – Luminescence

Solarein's website

go nogo – Movement (Skatebård Remix)

go nogo's website
Skatebård's website

Yoshiyuki Ota – Will Be Gone Soon

Yoshiyuki Ota's website

Alexander Robotnick – Oui Je T’Aime (Statickman Remix)

Statickman's website
Alexander Robotnick's website

The Boy & Sister Alma - Lizard Eyes (Auxiliary Tha Masterfader Remix)

The Boy & Sister Alma's website
Auxiliary Tha Masterfader's website

Charles Bordeaux – Bloodpacts (A Copycat Remix)

Copycat's website
Charles Bordeaux's website

Dead Sea Captains - Kjesus (Chromatic Dream Remix)

Dead Sea Captains' website
Chromatic Dream's website

go nogo – Good Morning (Marius Våreid Remix)

Marius Våreid's website

The Sweeps - Optimistic Melancholic (Flemming Dalum Remix)

The Sweeps' website
Flemming Dalum's website

Mockbirth – Housefly (Mikael Fas Remix)

Mikael Fas' website
Mockbirth's website

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