Monday 16 June 2014

Lights That Change - Rainbow Over Your Shoulder

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We previously introduced you to the debut EP and 'Beautiful Soul' single by Lights That Change, which is a collaborative musical project spearheaded by producer Marc Joy and is based out of Mold, North Wales. We were just as excited back then as we are now to present you Lights That Change's latest EP 'Rainbow Over Your Shoulder'.

Fran Ashcroft, who previously produced Damon Albarn, among many other notables in his lengthy production career, had this to say about Lights That Change: “In the world of neo-shoegaze, it simply wipes the floor with all those murky bedroom-wannabe-4AD bands, with a clarity, structure and confidence rarely seen in the genre; yet still atmospheric, sensitive and free.” Certainly a solid evaluation, but I'd say this also extends to dreampop and ethereal wave, as LTC seems to be no one-trick pony.

Particularly the ambient/ethereal tracks 'Cherokee Blessing' and 'Moccasins Snow and Rainbows' are stunning and haunting in equal measure, while 'Toxic' and 'Flying' bring to mind reminiscences of the wave pop Cocteau Twins were creating in their middle years, and 'Happy Space' brings them more into indie pop territory.

In the same way as This Mortal Coil, Lights That Change also seems to represent an eclectic revolving door of collaborators, with Marc at the foundation. While Lisa Von H contributed vocals for this and LTC's previous releases, you can look forward to other vocals by other guests in the near future, as Marc Joy has been working with a variety of artists on future releases. The next to be release is a double A-side single featuring Italian diva Allegra Lusini and Elain Humphries.

Lights That Change releases music through Ear to Ear Records, which is also based in Northern Wales, and has been getting steady airplay on BBC Wales over the past year or so. We shall drop you news about the new LTC single closer to its release.

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