Tuesday 10 June 2014

Ghetto Ghouls - Simple C

Single review by jay@thesoundofconfusion.com

It is said that the toilets in CBGBs were some of the worst in human existence. That you only used them if working on a different, altered plane to the rest of the planet. It has been rumoured for years that things have been grown and mutated from the ooze that lurked behind those stickered doors. That every now and again a mad scientist (who has to look like Doc Brown from 'Back To The Future' of course), spiked the drink of youths around the world with a shot distilled from the CBGBs ooze. Look around and you can see the strain rearing its slacker head. At the begging you had Television, Iggy, Lou, Thin White Duke, the Bruddas, then later came The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys and now Austin's Ghetto Ghouls are rearing their head, leading out with single 'Simple C'.
Within four seconds you are occupied deeper than Wall St. by 'Simple C's insistent, earth-quaking bass plunder. Sardonic, drawled, barley caring vocals hit you like a pre-cordial blast to get you strutting and rutting like Wayne Rooney on Viagra in a nursing home. Then 'Simple C' drops a tsunami of utterly arch, intoxicating, glam-smeared noise that shoots through you like a kiss from a $1000 dominatrix's blood-coloured, leather-coated fist. It all ends as it starts with the Grand Canyon-sized bass groove and these deliciously destroyed vocals. After 'Simple C' you will feel violated and exhilarated in equal parts, and craving more.

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