Tuesday 10 June 2014

Disco Twister with Ummagma

A few months back, we debuted the first streaming preview of Ummagma's new 'Lama' LP. While we gave you a run-down of the 8 tracks on that album, released on Emerald & Doreen Recordings, only 3 of those tracks were actually online at that time. Now the whole thing has been uploaded, so we shall present you the remaining tracks, the original of which recently topped the chart on ChartburstCheck out Kev's review and head to their profile to hear more.

Next month will mark the anniversary of Ummagma's two debut albums (fortunately for listeners, they released two on the same day). Preceded by the release of their illustrious double A-side single Rotation/Live and Let Die in December, this 'Lama' LP is the duo's third LP. This particular release comes with a twist – a disco twist. And a bit of deep house and indie dance energy to boot.

Thanks to their newfound label, Ummagma's track 'Lama' roams into awesome new realms with the help of electronic music producers all over the globe. Alexander Robotnick, a legend in his own right and a celebrated contemporary of Giorgio Moroder, produced a creation with an impressive Everything But The Girl vivacity. Copycat and Theatre of Delays also deliver powerful tracks to tear up the dancefloor or belt out on your car speakers. The Irregular Disco Workers and Go Nogo are rather intriguing, yet unexpected, perhaps representing the biggest departure from the original – yet a welcome one as they are cleverly crafted.

Sounds of Sputnik retains enough of the original here, skilfully blending in elements of indie pop culture spanning three decades, while Mind Movies presents us a rework rather than a remix, impressive in its depth, sound and pleasing breakbeat-inspired surprises.

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