Thursday, 3 December 2015

MIGHTY - Bye, Have Nice!

Article by KevW

It's been an ongoing theme in the history of alternative music, that the outsiders, the ones who get bullied at school for not having the same interests or musical tastes as the masses, often go on to have the last laugh by making great records, gaining large fan bases and generally being, well, much cooler to be honest. Angelo Fiaretti is one such person. Originally from Pittsburgh but now living in Atlanta, he left school aged sixteen to "distance himself from the threats of local assholes" and ploughed his time into DIY indie and punk music, eventually emerging as MIGHTY. It didn't take long for others to realise his potential, and this debut EP includes Grouplove's Daniel Gleason, Gordon Keiter from All Get Out and CJ Ridings from Big Jesus, and together they create an impressive take on grungy alt-rock.

Bands who take their lead from '90s post-grunge and fuzz-rock haven't been in short supply recently, but MIGHTY shouldn't be overlooked, because they're better than a lot of pack. Opener 'Fingertip' makes good use of affected guitar and is the sound of garage-rock given a slacker makeover. There is a DIY slant to the sound, but it's not contrived. It's often the case that first tracks on singles and EPs are the high point, but 'Confederate Days' is just as good with its chugging riff and confident, cracked vocals, all topped off with some screeching guitar. 'Other Kids', as you may expect, talks of his experiences of not fitting in, all set to an occasionally fractured beat with guitar squalls, and closing track 'Holy Book' is even more grungy, with a chunky riff and thunderous drumming. Arguably the finest song here is 'Losing Things' which uses spooky effects to paint a more atmospheric picture. Slower and more introspective than the rest of the EP, this is another song that tells the tale of needlessly having to fight for your place in the world. It's safe to say that Angelo Fiaretti has found his, and we like it a lot.

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