Thursday, 3 December 2015

Eliza Shaddad - Wars

Article by KevW

It may not be completely apparent from the opening bars of 'Wars', but this new track from Eliza Shaddad's forthcoming EP 'Run' marks a possible shift towards a more muscular sound for London-based artist, something she confirms by stating it was the "first sign of this more brutal sound". Having already received plenty of coverage for her last EP 'Waters', the new material is aided by an impressive list of names, and their talent shows. Mercury-nominated Chris Bond takes on production duties (as with 'Waters'), and mixing is courtesy of Catherine Marks who's worked with Wolf Alice and Foals, and the EP is mastered by John Davis (Blur, FKA Twigs, Royal Blood...). Combined with impassioned writing and performing, it makes for a heady mix.

The subtle, almost soft introduction of distant drums, a restrained vocal and gentle guitar picks belie what's to come. Soon the drums move to the forefront and more of a clarity appears. The vocals begin to sound angrier, and this may have led to the overall bigger sound. The pace seems to increase with the beat almost taking a motorik form and the guitars getting louder, with distortion creeping in. 'Wars' was the first track written for the new EP and it does sound like an introduction - not that it's unfinished in any way, more that it suggests bigger things to come. With the rest of 'Run' set to drop in January, we'll soon get to find out just how ambitious this evolving artist has become.

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