Thursday, 3 December 2015

Get Me Free #99: Vlimmer - Verankerung

Article by KevW

Last month Vlimmer, the one-man project of Alexander Leonard Donat simultaneously released two EPs - the first in an ambitious series that will consist of eighteen in total. Simply named 'I' and 'II', they were recorded in a cellar in the outskirts of Berlin and focus on "the dark and lonely aspects of music", something which really shows. The EPs come in a variety of formats and packages: download, CD, cassette and a series of bundles containing both EPs with handmade artwork as well as limited edition packages. It makes the whole idea of this mammoth set of releases all the more interesting, but the focus should really be on the music.

Taken from 'I', 'Verankerung' is a haunting, cold, monotone piece of darkwave that combines a solid, incessant beat with continuous distortion that sounds like the dying scream of an electric guitar that's been thrown into a furnace. A bassline rumbles through, almost offering peaks and troughs to an otherwise fairly emotionless song - something which is deliberate and executed perfectly. Synths give a haunted and eerie feel, as do the vocals that are perhaps the voice equivalent of a thousand-yard stare. Vlimmer creates a hostile environment with his music, and that makes it quite compelling, a bit like opening a door marked "Do Not Enter" just out of the sheer curiosity to beak the rules. If this is your kind of thing then get ready for plenty more to come.

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