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Waxahatchee - Peace & Quiet

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Try as we might, it's just impossible to keep up with the amount of music being created, and this won't be the first time we've spoken about just what fantastic records and artists must have passed completely under our radar. Until now Katie Crutchfield had been one such example. Under the name of Waxahatchee, which we're guessing is her own alternate spelling of the Texan town of Waxahachie, although she originates from Alabama and currently resides in Brooklyn with the rest of the music world, she released an album called 'American Weekend' last year which primarily dealt with personal subjects and was, by all accounts, very good. Following it up already, Waxahatchee has a new album, 'Cerulean Salt' set for release in a month's time.

The record was apparently written and recorded in just one week at her parents' home in Birmingham, AL, and if this is so then it's quite an incredible feat that shows just what a talent we've been missing out on. First single 'Peace & Quiet' is an accomplished piece of writing given that it was all done along with several other tracks in such a short space of time. Even ignoring the circumstances this is a fine track; slightly lo-fi guitar-pop that could be from the 90s and wouldn't have sounded out of place on one of 4AD's releases of that time. The simplicity does add the personal touch that last year's album apparently possessed and the soft buzz of the guitar gives it a pleasant warmth. We need to grow more ears to keep close to the ground to prevent music of this potential calibre bypassing us so often.

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Catch her live:

2/3 Newmarket, NH - Fuckingham Palace (house)
2/4 Cambridge, MA - All Asia
2/5 Easthampton, MA - The Flywheel
2/6 New Haven, CT - PAC
2/7 New Paltz, NY - Mosh Depot (house)
2/8    New York, NY Music Hall of Williamsburg
2/9 Providence, RI - Squidamps
2/16 Purchase, NY - SUNY Purchase
3/12 - 3/17 Austin, TX - SXSW

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