Wednesday 6 February 2013

Ummagma - Human Factor/Rotation/Kiev

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Since we covered their twin album release back in the summer there has been a lot happening in the world of Ummagma. The Ukrainian/Canadian duo have seen coverage explode across the internet as well as receiving a fair bit of radio play. Soon they will have a remix competition for all you budding producers out there, but first they've unveiled three new videos for tracks taken from the dual album release. The most recent of these is for the Pink Floyd go dreampop of 'Human Factor' which has a trippy feel to it and looks at the human body in slightly different way by using backwards imagery and distorted footage of gymnasts, it's oddly engaging to watch.

Released just a week previously were videos for both 'Rotation' and Kiev'. Different both musically and visually, 'Rotation' draws more from electronic sounds, combining them with shoegaze, almost like an updated version of Curve. The video is bizarre, starting with a car covered in thick hair speeding along country roads before switching to explore the different properties of matter, from liquid to metal to pottery to the human body and more. Again it's a surreal affair. Finally the psychedelic electro-pop of 'Kiev' uses interesting camera techniques to look at various aspects of life in eastern Europe. All three are more interesting than your standard video fare and it seems that Ummagma are intent on using this art form as experimentally as they use their music.

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