Sunday 10 February 2013

Formes - Alone

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I, for one, am happy that the psych-rock revival has gone public in the last year or two, with bands like The Horrors and Tame Impala being treated as though they're the kind of heroes who discovered the smallpox vaccine or something, if only because it draws attention to other bands in similar circles who may not have reached that point in their career yet, let alone that level of success, so long may it continue. Hopefully labels both big and small have scouts out hunting for the next bunch of space cadets to take aboard their promotional mothership and get the word out there. And please can this not come in a watered-down chart version for those not really interested in that kind of thing, because to be honest TOY were treading a fine line on that one.

Leeds five-piece Formes seem to be the real deal though, there's no sign of any over commercialisation creeping into their music. Any genre, if the music is good enough, should be able to stand on its own two feet without pandering to the masses. There's the snag though: the music's got to be good enough. This new single from Formes just about gets there. 'Alone' isn't outstanding so don't expect a Mercury nomination just yet, but what it is is a highly promising piece of space-rock that plots its own course with steely determination. A few minor tweaks here and there and we could be looking at something very good.

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