Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Five For Free #144

Parquet Courts - Borrowed Time

US band Parquet Courts can count Fergus & Geronimo's Andrew Savage as part of their line-up and their debut album 'Light Up Gold' was released in America last year and hits the UK on January 14th. Lifted from it is the frantic and contagious punk of 'Borrowed Time' which brings to mind The Buzzcocks in the way it uses melody and a catchy riff, signifying that they're a little smarter than the average punk band.

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The brainchild of Portuguese musician Bruno Miguel, PAPERCUTZ feature the vocals of New York singer Melissa Veras along with other guest players and their current album 'The Blur Between Us' is available now on UK label Sounds Of A Playground. Single 'Rivers' is a gently pulsing and soft-focus piece of electronic pop music with a lovely otherworldly feel.

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Outer Minds - Those Machines

This track from Outer Minds' album 'Behind The Mirror' is an uptempo garage stomper that will appeal to anyone whose tastes stray into those obscure 60s guitar bands that were just that little bit too odd to crack the mainstream. Now though, this effort by the Chicago quintet just sounds brilliantly lively as well as still being a touch freaky.

Free download: 'Those Machines'

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Run, Forever - Basement

You can almost tell from listening to them that Run, Forever are from the eastern side of the US, they share part of the blue-collar alt-rock sound of The Gaslight Anthem and co. This trio are a little further inland in Pittsburgh and 'Basement' also takes influence from the 90s college-rock scene. It's taken from their debut album 'Settling' which was released in December.

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The Reed Fags - Molly

Another band from the vibrant music scene in Turku, Finland, The Reed Fags are set to release their second EP later this month and the first single from it is the poppy indie of 'Molly' which tells you why they've been compared to the likes of Vampire Weekend and Django Django, taking an unorthodox, experimental approach but resulting in easily digested tunes at the end of it all.

The Reed Fags' website

The 'Places To Hide In' EP will be available on January 18th from Lionheart Records

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