Friday, 11 January 2013

Exsonvaldes - Seahorses

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French band Exsonvaldes have been in existence for nearly a decade now and cited familiar early influences in Nirvana and Radiohead, although listening to their new single you probably wouldn't think it. You've probably noticed the similarity in their name (and we're guessing the exact same pronunciation) to the oil tanker Exxon Valdez which spilled thousands of gallons of crude oil off the Alaskan coast in 1989. Whether this influenced the band's name we don't know, but from what we can gather using new single 'Seahorses' is that they are nature-loving folk, therefore one suspects a connection although it seems unusual they'd pick such an environmental disaster.

Their new album 'Lights' is set for release in March with each track having its own artwork, including this new single. Rather than the edgy harshness of Nirvana or the experimental rock of Radiohead, 'Seahorses' is softer and closer in relation to modern indie/alt-pop bands. It's an easy to listen to track and one that's full of melody, but with the visuals it works best. Filmed in the Red Sea, the video shows monofin swimmers racing wild dolphins. It might be as much nature documentary as music video but it's more unique than what most bands churn out as a promo, plus it makes us a little bit jealous.

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