Saturday, 10 November 2012

The Joy Formidable - This Ladder Is Ours

Single review by KevW

As we've mentioned on more than one occasion before, you've got to hand it to Welsh trio The Joy Formidable. At a time when guitar bands were lucky to survive for a second album, these guys kept their vision for the future in their heads and stuck to it. The results have been surprising (you could even say formidable) in the way that they've bucked trends. We all had debut album 'The Big Roar' two years before its (adapted) release, as they most of it gave it away as 'A Balloon Called Moaning'. Then upon official release it gathered more praise from fans and critics. This is the snowball effect of a decent band in action: willing to take risks, willing to continue along the path they first set out upon and willing to stick to their ideals.

As far as credibility goes, this is a group that has it in abundance and their second album 'Wolf's Law' will be out on January 21st. Rather than cash-in on the modicum of fame that's gradually come their way, latest single 'This Ladder Is Ours' still retains their shoegazey/alt-rock principles with the only real difference being that it's a better track than most of their previous songs. The production may have been given just that little bit more care and attention but musically it's as huge and eardrum-busting as their past high points. Maybe 2013 could be the year that The Joy Formidable make the transition from acclaimed indie-rock cult heroes to a genuine force to be reckoned with. Whatever happens, they deserve credit for making this happen on their own terms.

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