Saturday, 5 March 2011

Singles Out This Week

Or thereabouts... running a few days behind. 5 of the best singles around:

Cults - Go Outside

Ok, so this track has been floating around for nearly a year, but it becomes the band's first proper UK release after signing to the new label set up by Lily Allen (don't let that put you off). They'll probably now have some bucks and some extra publicity behind them, so maybe 2010's best boyfriend/girlfriend duo will become actual stars in 2011 - with future single 'Oh My God' as one of it's defining tunes.

Free download: Go Outside

Cults website

Buy the single.

The Duke Spirit - Don't Wait

The exciting news is that new album 'Bruiser' is done and dusted and will be with us in May. Ahead of that The Duke Spirit give us another brooding, bluesy taster in the form of new single 'Don't Wait'. They don't seem to have it in them to make bad songs.

Stream: Don't Wait

The Duke Spirit website

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Yuck - Holing Out

Formed by a couple of the guys from the excellent Cajun Dance Party (whose future, apparently, remains 'uncertain') Yuck have been dropping us a fuzzy, scuzzy grunge-pop single every few months for the past year. They're rarely mentioned without some sort of 'grunge revival' line, but in truth new single 'Holing Out'  and previous single 'Georgia' are closer in sound to early Teenage Fanclub. No bad thing.

Stream: Holing Out

Yuck on Myspace

Buy the single.

Rainbow Arabia - Without You

Rainbow Arabia hail from California, and while their sound isn't quite as exotic as their name suggests, it's most definitely not your usual fare. I hate to use words like 'quirky' or 'wonky' but sometimes they just fit. All you really need to know is that this is a great pop record. And that's all that matters.

You can stream or pick up a free download of 'Without You' on Soundcloud

Rainbow Arabia on Myspace

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The Incredible Flight Of Birdman - Fate With Amnesia

Single review by KevW

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Comparisons can be the lazy way to review songs. Not always though. Try talking about 'Rocks' by Primal Scream without mentioning The Rolling Stones for example. The Incredible Flight Of Birdman will draw inevitable Smiths comparisons due to the lyrical wit, dexterity and intonation of singer Nick Osbourne - thankfully minus the smugness or need to have a bunch of daffodils hanging out of his arse pocket.

They're unlikely to dent the top 40 due to the fact that the record buying (or illegal downloading) public are more concerned with whether Bruno Mars, JLS or Taio Cruz have flogged the most ringtones that week; or if Lady Gaga's next dress will be edible and whether there'll be an 'accidental' paparazzi shot showing half of her nipple.

Yet what we have here is classic British guitar music from the top drawer (rather than the bottom drawer where the likes of Beady Eye, Twisted Wheel and Brother reside). TIFOB's storming new single may be called 'Fate With Amnesia', but put it up against the new one from Justin Bieber and there's no question which will stick in the memory the longest.

Stream both tracks from the single on The Incredible Flight Of Birdman's Myspace

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The Sound Of Confusion on Myspace

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