Saturday 26 March 2011

Singles Out This Week

5 of the finest singles and downloads that you can get your mits on this week.

The Jim Jones Revue - Dishonest John

The Jim Jones Revue pull off the neat trick of turning the kind of dull blues-rock played by pub bands across the country (boring) into something with genuine energy and excitement. The great Steve Watt said it best when he described the band as 'Little Richard On Speed'. This is the latest single to be taken from last year's 'Burn Your House Down' album. Download available now, 7" on Monday.

The Jim Jones Revue website

Download the single.

Okkervil River - Wake And Be Fine

It may be the case that Okkervil River will never top career highlight 'Lost Coastlines', but not many bands could. That's not to say that other releases are in any way not up to scratch. They've released another wonderful single here in the shape of the waltz-like 'Wake And Be Fine'. Once again - the download is out now, the 7" on Monday.

For more information and a free download of 'Wake And Be Fine', head to Okkervil River's website

Pre order the 7" single.

Icona Pop - Manners

This week, The Sounds showed us what happens when pop goes wrong (see previous review). Fellow Swedes Icona Pop make far better work of things. This single from the Stockholm based synth duo first appeard on a Kitsune compilation last year, and now gets a deserved vinyl release in it's own right.

Stream and free download of Manners

Icona Pop on Myspace

Buy the 7" single.

The National - Think You Can Wait

I almost consider The National to be a guilty pleasure. The kind of band that Uncut reading trendy Dads will rave about. This is made worse by the fact that this new single (taken from the soundtrack to the film 'Win Win') bears more than a passing resemblance to Bruce Springsteen's 'Streets Of Philadelphia.'  Resistance is futile. They just write great songs.

The National's website

Buy the single.


Anna Calvi - Blackout

Sure, she's had lots of hype and rave reviews - but there's a reason for that. It's not like the world has a deficit in credible solo female artists at the moment, Anna Calvi is a little different, though. There's no sign of any synth-pop or Kate Bush impressions going on here. Rob Ellis (of PJ Harvey fame) co-produces which has led to endless comparisons. There is a similarity, but imagine PJ Harvey, Shirley Bassey and The Walker Brothers forming a supergroup and you'll get a better picture. 'Blackout' is one of the standouts on Anna Calvi's debut (along with 'Suzanne & I and Desire') and suggests that she be the perfect candidate to score the next Bond film. Very grand indeed.

Anna Calvi's website

Buy the single.

The Sound Of Confusion on Myspace

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