Tuesday 29 March 2011

Columboid - We Were One

Album review by KevW

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New York has never been short of arty, experimental indie and rock bands. So along come Columboid, formed just over 2 years ago as a duo and now expanded to a three piece. 'We Were One' is an intense affair, all tribal drums, dark synth lines (you'd imagine they've heard a Suicide record or two) and brooding vocals - one part Ian Curtis, one part Jim Morrison.

It all works very well and the result is a powerful, atmospheric record which has quality throughout. It makes you wish Interpol had taken this route for their last effort rather than retreading old ground.

There are no particular stands-outs, it's more a collection of post-punk influenced songs which hold their own and have a unique style, despite maybe not quite reaching the heights the band sound like they're capable of hitting.

Overall - a good solid album, and definitely a band to watch.

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