Monday 28 March 2011


As you can see The Sound Of Confusion has been on a shopping spree and treated itself to a flashy new look! – doesn’t it look dreamy *swoon*

There have been a few changes implemented to hopefully make the blog a little easier on your eyes and encourage you the reader to get involved. Here are the main snazzy new features:

Comments: They’re open to everyone now! - no need to log in via some obscure account you forgot you even had! So if you’ve got an opinion on what we write, or the bands we champion, then let’s hear it – don’t forget to put your name though so we can hunt you down!

Tick Boxes: If You're too shy or lazy to write down your views why not take the quick option and choose from one of our three tick boxes. One little tick will validate our work (even if it is zzzz). If however you're really impressed why not click the share on Facebook icon and spread the word, we'd appreciate it and will shower you with kisses.

Search: Over to the right we now have a very hard working search box who will scour the old blog posts on your behalf. So for example, you type in ‘Olly Murs’ and it will come back with every Obligatory Record Of The Week thus far – not really but you get idea.

Recommended Sites: Don’t like what we chat about? Why not click on the links to these other sites and see if you like them more!

That’s the main changes for now, we hope you like them. If you have any suggestions or feedback then just let us know and please feel free to get involved, we wont bite.

Kev (The Boss) & Andy (Teaboy)

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