Monday, 14 March 2011

Singles Out, er, Last Week!

Because The Sound Of Confusion is as punctual as Pete Doherty (minus the drugs and talent).

5 of the best singles and downloads you've probably heard by now...

Acrylics - Sparrow Song (featuring Caroline Polachek)

Yet another Brooklyn band. Acrylics got the blogs twitching with the release of their 'Molly's Vertigo' single over a year ago. Debut album 'Lives And Treasure' is out now, and this new single features Caroline Polachek from Chairlift (where have they gone?!) providing suitably ethereal vocals.

Free download Sparrow Song

Acrylics on Myspace

Those Dancing Days - I'll Be Yours

Anyone who's followed any of the incarnations of The Sound Of Confusion will know that Swedish bands feature regularly. Purely because so many of them make great records. Those Dancing Days are barely into their 20s, but new album 'Daydreams And Nightmares' is sounding as indie-pop-tastic as we could have wished. As proved by this new single.

Those Dancing Days website

Parts And Labor - Rest

The term 'criminally overlooked' could have been invented for these guys. Having made one of the greatest singles of the previous decade in the shape of 'Nowhere's Nigh' , Parts And Labor are back any day now with a new album - 'Constant Future'. Ahead of the release they've been chucking out the odd free track, including this one, 'Rest'.

Download 'Rest' for free over at

Parts And Labor website

Tim Cohen - Don't Give Up

Fresh And Onlys frontman Tim Cohen has just released a new solo album, 'Magic Trick'. Slightly less lush sounding than his day job, but no less lovely. This is his new single 'Don't Give Up'.

Free download: Don't Give Up

Tim Cohen on Myspace

Buy the single.


The Vaccines - If You Wanna

Yeah, you'll be sick of hearing about these guys by now. I'm sure everyone has taken up their positions on their chosen side of the fence. The backlash has begun, as it does with any overly hyped band, and The Sound Of Confusion thinks it's unjustified.
No review, we've talked about them loads already - just have a listen to their new single and make up your own minds (without being a snob!). The video has low resolution sound quality, so just buy the damn thing.

The Vaccines website

Buy the single.

The Sound Of Confusion on

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  1. Just to stress one more time - If this is the vaccine I'd rather have...well you know the rest.

    Those Dancing Days for OROTW!