Friday 18 February 2011

Five For Free #2

Five of the best free downloads knocking around this week.

1) Foster The People - Helena Beat

This EP is the second release from LA's Foster The People, and includes last summers' 'Pumped Up Kicks' single, as well as 'Helena Beat' which may be even better. If you weren't too keen on the last MGMT album and are getting bored waiting for new material from Empire Of The Sun and Passion Pit, you could have a new favourite band.

Free download: Helena Beat

Foster The People website

Buy the EP.

2) Treefight For Sunlight - What Became Of You And I / Facing The Sun

In a similar vein are Danish four-piece Treefight For Sunlight. Combining elements of the bands mentioned above with a mid 60s twist (The Byrds, The Turtles, The Hollies can all be heard in the mix).
Their debut album was out as download or import CD this week. Pick up a couple of the singles from the LP for free.

Download: What Became Of You And I

Purchase info and a free download of 'Facing The Sun' can be found on iTunes

Treefight For Sunlight on Myspace

3) The Lines - Circles

There have been many attempts in the last few years to revive the Great British Lad Rock Band. So far these have ranged from the boring (Beady Eye, Brother) to the ridiculous (The Courteeners, Twisted Wheel). But there are glimmers of hope, not all of Morning Parade's songs are bad. Some are very good! The same goes for The Lines. 'Circles' has a bit of clout, and if they have more of these up their sleeves they're on to a good thing.

Free Download: Circles

The Lines website

4) Metronomy - She Wants

Metronomy's 2008 minor breakthrough album wasn't the easiest record to get in to. How good it was only became apparent after repeat listens and quite a large amout of time. No such problem with the funky new single from forthcoming 3rd LP 'The English Riviera'. The band have been going for over a decade, maybe they're finally about to enter wider public consciousness.

Grab it free over at Metronomy's website

Metronomy on Myspace

Pre order the album.

5) Cat's Eyes - Not A Friend

Cat's Eyes are the side project of Faris Badwan from The Horrors, who's teamed up with Canadian singer Rachel Zaffira. They have an EP out on Monday but are giving this non EP track away as a free download. It's a lovely, maudlin, 60s style lament. The EP also sounds exceptionally good. Side project of the year?

Free download: Not A Friend

Cat's Eyes website

The Sound Of Confusion on Facebook

The Sound Of Confusion on Myspace

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