Tuesday 15 March 2011

Kriget - What A Day

Album review by KevW

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Over the past decade or two, Sweden has become synonymous with indie-pop. However, Stockholm based Kriget have more in common with the German experimentalists of the 70s than any Glaswegian C86 band.

Their name means 'The War' in Swedish, and this album is certainly an onslaught. Pounding drums, throbbing bass and distorted saxophone - apparently the only 3 instruments used in it's creation.

'What A Day' is refreshingly difficult to categorise. The press release describes the sound as 'kraut/jazz/dance/punk-ish' which just about hits the nail on the head. If Gyratory System and X-Ray Spex were to interbreed, one can imagine them giving birth to a monster like this.

The only gripe with this album is that over 11 tracks it gets a tad monotonous. This is a minor quibble and it's superb to hear a band ploughing a furrow that is genuinely their own. The best news is it's free to download in full from the band's website.

Kriget website

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