Monday 21 March 2011

Sergeant Buzfuz and The Sounds singles reviews

Reviews by KevW

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Sergeant Buzfuz - Knock Knock Knock EP

Never having been ones for fanfares and crescendos, it's little surprise that the new EP from London's Sergeant Buzfuz covers much the same ground as their previous material.

Which will do just nicely, thank you very much! 'Knock Knock Knock' is all mandolin, acoustic guitars and violin, but the restrained production and the lack of pomposity from songwriter Joe Murphy safely manoeuvres it well away from Mumford And Sons territory, sounding far more natural.

It's not all about the title track either. 'Shift In The Sand' and 'Horns and Claws' are laments in the style of an early Belle And Sebastian, both given space to breathe rather than being buried under the weight of effects. Proof of the benefits of not over egging the pudding.

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The Sounds - Something To Die For

Formed at the tail end of the 90s, The Sounds have had plenty of time to hone their sound. After over a decade together they've managed to spew up the kind of filth that wouldn't seem out of place at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Situated right next to the area marked 'great catchy pop', there's a pit marked 'a steaming load of cheese'. It's a fine line and on this occasion the Swedes have managed to cross it.

They describe themselves as 'post punk' and, according to wikipedia, have been compared to Blondie. Whoever came up with that one should seek help. It may have a catchy melody, but this is the kind of fodder that you can imagine being covered by the next X-Factor winner.

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