Tuesday 8 March 2011


Rant written by The Sound Of Confusion's Scottish Correspondent.

Is there anything more annoying than ardent Oasis fans!!! They seem to believe that music both started and finished with the Gallagher brothers and that anyone who doesn't regard Live Forever as the undisputed zenith of sound recording history is only saying so to appear cool. They don't seem to be able to fathom that people might just simply prefer other bands and that some of us enjoy hearing new music. Invariably this breed of super fan was actually a bit young to get Oasis at their peak, only discovering them around Heathen Chemistry and then playing catch up ever since, wowing us all with facts and stories we already know BECAUSE WE REMEMBER THEM FROM THE TIME!!!! Unfortunately their overwhelming desire to cram up on all things Oasis leaves them in a bubble that offers protection from having to try anything new or interesting, said bubble appears to be only penetrable by Kasabian and the fuckin Enemy!! They arrogantly spout 'If Oasis hadn't been so popular you'd all love them'.....emm who do you think got them popular knobhead - some of us have moved on deal with it!!

The thing is I really do like Oasis, but these guys make it bloody hard work to sustain that feeling - and now they're at it with Beady Eye too, there's not a chance a merger of Heavy Stereo and Hurricane #1 will ever yield a batch of life changing songs, if they do I'll eat my sky blue snood!!!


Thanks I feel better now.


  1. He hasn't finished there....

    "It just hacks me off this confrontaional 'with us or against us' attitude they have. They seem to believe anyone who doesn't call for Liam to be canonised is by default a hater of the band and they constantly seem to feel the need to defend the group even when nobody is actually attacking them!! I wouldn't mind so much if it wasn't for the fact that when we were all listening to Oasis these chumps were probably fawning over East 17 or A1. 'They're the best band ever ever ever and nothing better will ever come along in the history of time' - piss off!! sorry ranting again."

  2. Oasis WERE awesome. I USED to love them.

    Listen Up is one of my fave tunes of theirs, along with lots of other b-sides.

    I lost interest after Standing on the Shoulder of Giants.

    Liam Gallagher always has been and always will be a complete twat. Good voice though. Well, for the first three albums.

    Just do what I would do with Oasis fans- pat them on the head, sigh and laugh patronisingly.

  3. From Mrs Ray Flicker:

    "Two years after their long-overdue demise, and as Beady Eye shock the world by being piss-poor and derivative, an orthodoxy seems to be emerging regarding the legacy of Oasis. Their first three albums were Earth-shatteringly brilliant, but by 2000 they'd lost their way and never really recovered even though their later records contained the odd good tune. That, at least, is the "standard line". Well I'm sorry, but it just won't wash. Here's a genuine assessment of Oasis's career, untainted by nostalgia or self-serving revisionism: they were shit. They were always shit. All shit all the time. Their first record was shit, their last record was shit and every second of every record in between was: shit."