Tuesday, 1 December 2015

The Vryll Society - Pangea EP

Article by KevW

You'd have to assume that Liverpool's The Vryll Society know their history. Their name is one letter away from the original Vryil Society which was an esoteric Nazi secret society that used psychic mediums (with very long hair) channeling "Vril energy". They themselves may have been named after a science fiction novel published some years before. 'Pangea' is the name of the supercontinent that existed on Earth around 200-300 million years ago, so they're taking in quite a time span. The music they make doesn't sound historical in any way really, although they do, as do most, take influence from past sounds.

With superb opening track 'Coshh' it's space-rock with a psychedelic sound and a krautrock beat that kick-starts the EP brilliantly. The Vryll Society manage to mix expansive, well-produced music with genres that have generally been considered niche, and the result could take these less well known styles into the mainstream in a similar way to The Horrors managed. It's an incessant monster with quite a groove. It's perhaps the best track here and certainly the most immediate, but the funk-infused cosmic psych of 'Air' isn't far behind, recalling the early work of The Verve or even The Music. Again they hit an appetising groove. The atmospheric 'Metropolis' doesn't break that mould either and feels a bit acid-fried, especially when it comes to the guitar. Even more ambient is closer 'The Egg' which sends the EP off in a drowsy, peaceful way, a little bit like a beautiful sunset at the end of a glorious day. You get the feeling that, if they continue in this vein, The Vrill Society could do rather well for themselves.

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