Saturday, 5 December 2015

The Penny Antics - Guilty Pleasures

Article by KevW

Two-piece drums and guitar band The Penny Antics make the kind of brutal, no holds barred punk that has been a staple for energetic young musicians for the last four decades. The Essex-based pair have been gigging this year in support of their album 'Reminder', from which they've released three singles so far - the scuzzed-out DIY clatter of 'DND (Do Not Disturb)', 'Brass Tongue which shows a slightly more considered approach but is still an angry, throat-shredding fuzz-bomb and, most recently, the electrifying shock that is 'Guilty Pleasures'.

They don't half make a racket for just two people and always sound as though they're giving everything they've got. Drum skins likely quiver at the thought of the next time they get smacked (which is almost at a machine gun rate) and noodly guitar lines are done away with in favour of a vigorous thrash of chords that don't try too hard to be inch perfect - something which would likely detract from the raw sound they're trying to create. You can sense a hunger from The Penny Antics, so as long as those vocal chords and instruments hold out a while longer, they could be tearing up a venue near you before long.

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