Friday, 4 December 2015

SUN MACHINE - The Loudest Of Them

Article by KevW

"The sun machine is coming down and we're gonna have a party". So sang David Bowie on his early classic 'Memory Of A Free Festival', the song that could have given Brighton/London band SUN MACHINE their name. Well, festival season, and indeed sun, are long gone here in the northern hemisphere, but this fantastic slab of interstellar fuzz-rock will take away your winter blues. 'The Loudest Of Them' is the first of a trio of singles the quartet will be releasing after a year spent recording in a studio that's afloat on the river Thames.

This is pretty huge for a three-minute song, with psychedelic flashes lighting up the intro and then an ice-cool groove exploding into action like The Morning After Girls at their very best. This could really be a game changer for the band and makes other shoegaze-inspired groups look stodgy by comparison. 'The Loudest Of Them' has it all; a great sound, neat melodies, a locked in and fluid rhythm section and some perfect production. There may be another two singles to come soon, but they'll have to go some to beat this. A late contender for our tracks of the year list.

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