Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Saltwater Sun - Wild

Article by KevW

Around this time of year, or perhaps early January, people start compiling lists of who they think will be successful or worth keeping an eye on in the forthcoming year (as if people aren't sick to death of lists by this points, you can barely go online without falling over an albums of the year list at the moment). We did too, but then we stopped. We'll do an albums/songs of 2015 list AT THE END OF THE YEAR, rather than with a few weeks to go, but no tips list. Why? Because that's basically what we do every day, so just scan back through recent posts and you'll find loads of new band who we think are great. Well, here's another one to add to the collection - Saltwater Sun.

The London quintet released their debut single 'Habit On My Mind' earlier this year and generated no small amount of hype. Debut EP 'Wild' confirms that this is warranted. Not only is this confident and accomplished for a group in the very early stages of their career, it also finds its own niche in an ocean of indie/guitar bands. The title-track seems to be relatively routine indie/rock/pop at first, albeit very well made, but they dip into indiepop thanks to a lovely vocal that brings to mind the likes of Camera Obscura, and also throw in more weighty instrumentation that brings them perhaps closer to UK alt-rock luminaries such as The Duke Spirit. There's a pop side too as they don't stick to the guitar/bass/drums format and add electronic flashes that bring in a certain lightness. So Saltwater Sun's sound is arrived at from a variety of avenues and will likely find fans in lovers of each genre, but as a whole it's totally cohesive. If we still did tips for 2016 lists, this lot might just find themselves included.

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