Saturday, 5 December 2015

Get Me Free #101: Dantevilles - Mould This Shapeless Glass

Article by KevW

In the past few years there have been a spate of relatively commercial-sounding guitar bands based in Manchester or the surrounding areas, seemingly determined to shake off the stereotype that all indie music from the city is laddish, knuckle-dragging fodder like Oasis or The Courteeners. Everything Everything have had much success, The Heartbreaks have made some cracking tunes and deserve to be much bigger, WU LYF, love them or hate them, at least had some intrigue and went about things their own way. All are different, and so are Dantevilles who share little in common with lager-swilling, anorak-wearing types. Manchester has been reinvented, and this quartet may have what it takes to be the next to break out.

New single 'Mould This Shapeless Glass' chops and changes, making it difficult to get a grip on, but that's a good thing. They seem to have more in common with guitar groups from the north-east than the north-west, as the jittery, scratchy guitar-riffs and snappy vocals bring to mind The Futureheads and Field Music, but the song doesn't follow this line the whole way through, bringing in a dancey side (although in a very stop/start way) that does share a little with the aforementioned Everything Everything. Dantevilles clearly have an inventive streak and are trying to stretch themselves and their ideas. With a bit more press and radio play, their fanbase could begin to swell.

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