Monday, 7 December 2015

Flowers - Ego Loss

Article by KevW

Looks can be deceiving, and so can introductions to songs. Fortuna POP! is a great bastion of indiepop music and has released some of our favourite songs and albums of the past few years, so there's a stamp of quality attached to the forthcoming new album from London trio Flowers. 'Everybody's Dying To Meet You' is set for release on February 12th, and the first single released from it is the extremely lovable 'Ego Loss' which partially sums up the group's sound in one little snapshot.

At first it seems as though usual indiepop cliches could abound, with a certain tweeness that you can get from jangly guitars, poppy melodies and butter-wouldn't-melt female vocals, but even then you can hear a bit more grit to the guitar. It's still highly likeable and is a bit of an earworm, but then, all of a sudden, that grittier guitar clicks into gear properly and we're taken closer to fuzz-rock and shoegaze as 'Ego Loss' turns into something that Creation Records or 4AD could have released in the early '90s. It's a wonderful surprise to end a wonderful tune.

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