Friday, 13 September 2013

Soundtrack for an Epic Dreamgazer (Tribute to Danny Lackey)

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Some music lovers share their love for music with their family or through education. Some share the good word by writing about and promoting good music. Some put their heart and soul into learning and instrument and creating music. Some leave a mark so large that their legacy lives on even after death. All of the above apply to Danny Lackey, a leader of today's international indie, alt-rock, shoegaze, dreampop, noise-rock scene, co-founder of When The Sun Hits and frontman of Deepfieldview. Enjoy some of the tracks that have been dedicated to his memory and intended to raise funds for his remaining family through the Fund for Danny Lackey, which we previously wrote about here and here ~ WayOutWest

The Sunshine Factory – Blurry (Song for Danny)

The Sunshine Factory's website

Ask For Joy ft. Daniel Land – The Only Living Boy in New York

Ask For Joy's website

Daniel Land's website

Clarence Mayhew – She is My Ocean

Clarence Mayhew's website

The Cherry Wave – Melt

The Cherry Wave's website

Blindness – Confessions

Blindness' website

The Microdance – God's Joke

The Microdance's website

Steven Webb – Shadows

Steven Webb (The Love Agenda)'s website

Adam Franklin – Ramonesland (Instrumental In F)

Adam Franklin's website

Nameless (UA, Ternopil) – Don’t Call Me Your Name

Nameless' website

Age of Aquariums – Flavor Crystals

Flavor Crystals' website

Jonathan Mono – The Silver Destination

Jonathan Mono's website

Purple Bloom – Lucid Dream

Purple Bloom's

Panda Riot – White Elephants

Panda Riot's website

The Fund For Danny Lackey Bandcamp page

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