Monday, 1 April 2013

Ummagma - Live And Let Die/Photographer/Outside

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Ukrainian/Canadian duo Ummagma are offering up a proper Easter treat for fans of dreampop and its various branches, by giving three tracks from their two album releases from last year for free download. Firstly there's the upbeat and unusual blend of shoegaze and drum and bass that they concocted for 'Live And Let Die' (not a cover), one of the more interesting and individual songs from their 'Antigravity' album, it's quite unlike anything else we can think of, it could almost be a strange and very successful Cocteau Twins remix. It's not the first time they will have been compared to that particular group of legends.

Also up for grabs is the more ambient but no less interesting 'Photographer' which takes an acoustic track and envelops it in an assortment of screeches, buzzes and bleeps. It's like dreampop being beamed down from an alien spacecraft. The third of the freebies is taken from their eponymous album, released at the same time. 'Outside' again isn't quite the same as anyone else. We're given beats again and the vocals show an urgency that's rare for this pair. It's another great experimental pop song, and if you're yet to discover the eclectic and ethereal sounds of these guys then follow the links below. Also being made available are two remixes. The first is the Dunaewsky69 remix of 'Lama'. and the second an Ian Baird remix of the same song which is being released to raise money for the Fund For Danny charity, set up in memory of shoegaze champion Danny Lackey.

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