Wednesday 25 September 2013

Five For Free #219

Chronic City ft Florian Horwath - The Man Who

Although based in Austria, Chronic City are a songwriting duo who have collaborated with artists from all over the place. 'The Man Who' is their new single and features Florian Horwath as its guest. The song sits on the fence between indie and dreampop and ends up sounding not unlike something Dean Wareham might come up with if he teamed up with a more electronic-based group.

Chronic City's website

Mortar and Pestle - UV

This trio are from Oakland in California and cite several '80s icons as influences, ranging from Michael Jackson to The Cure. Mortar and Pestle's new single 'UV' doesn't sound particularly like either of those and neither does it sound like a recreation. This is more a re-evaluation of the alt-pop from that era and the result is much better than would likely be anticipated from such a project.

Download 'UV' for free by heading here

Mortar and Pestle's website

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Dan Webb - Point Of View

Continuing his project of a song a month is Australian singer-songwriter Dan Webb. For the month of September (we're a little late, sorry) you can download this piece of thoughtful guitar-pop for free. The song is called 'Point Of View' and is one of the more tender and pensive tracks of the series, being based around a piano more than a guitar this time around.

Dan Webb's website

CMBSTN - All My Life

In case you're wondering, CMBSTN is short for "combustion" which is how we assume this Stockholm band want us to pronounce their name. The quartet formed back in 2008 and 'All My Life' is a very nice piece of indie-rock that's taken from their début EP which was released in the spring. They're calling the tracks demos, we don't think they need to. This sounds like the finished article to us.

CMBSTN's website

Mod Gun - Party Line

Also getting together in 2008, but on the other side of the Atlantic in Boston, were scuzzy alt-rock types Mod Gun who recently released their album 'No Beaches'. Taken from it is free single 'Party Line' which doesn't hold back on the guitars, filling every possible gap with electrified six-strings. They chuck in a poppy chorus too which never does a song any harm.

Mod Gun's website

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