Thursday 26 September 2013

Steve Cradock - Sheer Inertia

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Yes, it is that Steve Cradock, you read right. The same Steve Cradock who's been Weller's right-hand man for years and regurgitated '60s sounds in a not always pleasant way with his band Ocean Colour Scene. So why are we featuring the most dad-rock of all the dad-rockers? After all, we tend to focus on music we like rather than give column inches to artists we'd rather ignore. Thing is, (we would say out of the blue, but we haven't particularly followed Mr. Cradock's career for a good 15 years at least, so we don't know) this tune is actually pretty good and shows him diverting from his usual sound to a more psychedelic place.

We're told his new album 'Travel Wild, Travel Free' (out Monday) will challenge any preconceptions about the man. Well, he still likes a bit of guitar in his songs and he still worships the 1960s, but with 'Sheer Inertia' he's found life and vibrancy of the kind that his stodgy rock has often lacked in the past. Take his name off this song and swap it for Pond or Temples or whoever and people would be all over it, and rightly so. This is a fabulous piece of psych-rock that feels like a whole new lease of life for the veteran. Either forget the name or forget the past (and apologies to OCS and fans of his previous solo work for the bashing, it just did nothing for me, although 'The Circle' was a tune) and wipe the slate clean. 'Sheer Inertia'? Sheer brilliance.

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Catch him live:

Oct 26 The Wardrobe, Leeds, UK
Oct 28 East Village Arts Club, Liverpool, UK
Oct 29 The Cluny, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
Oct 30 Oran Mor, Glasgow, UK
Nov 01 Library, The Institute, Birmingham, UK
Nov 02 Leadmill, Sheffield, UK
Nov 04 Scala, London, UK
Nov 05 Komedia, Brighton, UK
Nov 06 The Deaf Institute, Manchester, UK
Nov 07 Bodega Social, Nottingham, UK
Nov 08 Thekla, Bristol, UK

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