Saturday, 14 September 2013

Five For Free #216

Kobadelta - Underestimation

Another proud moment for us as a former Band To Check Out come good with their new single. Newcastle five-piece Kobadelta have a new single called 'Ritual' available. It's a top tune, but we reckon the space-rock that they deliver on B-side 'Underestimation' is even better. This is exactly how we were hoping the band would develop.

Kobadelta's website

Catch them live:

THU SEPT 19th Think Tank, Newcastle, UK
FRI OCT 18th The Heartattack & Vine, Newcastle, UK

Valley Lodge - Kiss Me, I'm Drunk

'Use Your Weapons' is the third album from New York band Valley Lodge and was released at the start of the month. If you're hoping to cling on to the last few days of summer then the band are giving away the melodic indiepop of 'Kiss Me, I'm Drunk' as a free download so you can pretend it's glorious outside and get a massive dose of cheering up at the same time.

Valley Lodge's website

Stream the album in full

Buy the album

The Manticores - How Zelda Feels

It's not something I'd ever thought about personally, but Atlanta guitar-popsters The Manticores have obviously wondered, or perhaps experienced 'How Zelda Feels', and they've turned it into an ace melodic indie type tune for us to listen to. Want more? Their album 'Petaltails' is newly released and contains this gem amongst others.

The Manticores' website

Stream the EP in full

Buy the EP

Sun Blood Stories - Time Joint

Jimi Hendrix played the blues. Deep deep blues. He also played psych. Deep deep psych. He did both of these things together and although hundreds have been inspired by him not many have managed to combine these two genres in the same way. We get damn close here with Sun Blood Stories' new track 'Time Joint' though. Check it out.

Sun Blood Stories' website

Buy the single

Catch them live:

Sep 14 Hyde Park Curb A'Faire SATURDAY Street Festivus, Boise, ID  
Sep 28 Neurolux Lounge, Boise, ID
Oct 10 John's Alley, Moscow, ID  
Oct 12 Ole Beck VFW, Missoula, MT

Whale Belly - Earthy Eyes

What we said about Whale Belly's single 'Water Voices' earlier this year rings true of free track 'Earthy Eyes'. At first it's just a nice enough indie/pop tune. But give it a few plays, listen to its twists and turns and you'll soon realise it's better than that. Yep, these guys specialise in what we call "growers". For more check out their album 'I Was Once A Bird', out next month.

Whale Belly's website

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