Friday, 13 September 2013

Neonfaith - Darkest Light

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Oooh, look! An indie/electro-pop band from New York! How novel! Right, that's enough sarcasm. It is pretty much daily that we write about such bands but there are simply so many that are producing decent material, plus they don't all sound the same. Neonfaith are a trio from Queens and they're not particularly trying to get you on the dancefloor, they're not particularly trying to sound like they're from 1982, but at the same time they're not trying to pretend they're doing anything wildly different from other bands. Their music takes a bit of each of these aspects.

When these aspects come together they can be good or they can be bad, it really is that simple. A band is nothing if they don't have good songs. New single 'Darkest Light' is a good song, so in that respect these guys have nothing to worry about. With one foot in the future and one foot in the past, this mid-paced track sounds like it knows it's quite cool, but it doesn't brag about it. It just quietly goes about its business leaving us to listen, quietly impressed. And that is pretty much how music of this particular variety should be.

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Sat, Sept 14, Fat Baby, New York

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