Saturday 9 February 2013

Silent Lions - The Parliaments

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If you haven't heard anything by Mind Fish you can remedy that by having a quick peek over here. The reason we mention them is because Mind Fish man Dean Tartaglia is also the vocalist with Ohio's "premier supergroup" Silent Lions along with drummer Matt Klein. That's right, a supergroup with just two members. Let's see just how super they are. The band and their press agent both mention a soulful aspect to the band, and maybe calling this EP 'The Parliaments' is a bit of a tribute to funk/soul man George Clinton. In truth the four songs here are closer to garage-rock, but there is a touch of soul in the delivery, we'll give them that.

The opening couplet of 'Never Gonna See You Again' (which we think mentions Johnny Ray) and 'Terrible Days' certainly drive this primal rock sound home without any bells and whistles. This is raw rock devoid of any unnecessary factors and with some nicely distorted guitar and the odd nod to the blues. 'Pop Rocks' has a different vibe, one that takes the same instruments but treats them differently, particularly the vocal, and sticks in a memorable chorus too. It's almost a pop song but their love of fuzz and clout make sure that doesn't happen. The shuffling last track 'Lost My Time' does bring in the funk and the soul a little and is a fine parting gesture.

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