Friday 8 February 2013

Seasfire - Falling

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We were introduced to Bristolians Seasfire back in December with the dark and moody alt-pop of 'We Will Wake' and to quite honest we weren't sure what to make of them. It was a decent tune, a little overly serious and maybe a touch AOR disguised in the fancy dress costume of a more modern pop song. "The next move" we said, "could be what makes or breaks them", like we're some kind of authority on the matter. Well here we are then, along rolls the next tune, it's called 'Falling' and it's a slower track than 'We Will Wake', it's still serious, it's still very grown-up, and we're still none the wiser.

'Falling' is a fine song, that we're not questioning, but where or how it will fit in is very difficult to tell. It seems to hover between the worlds of pop, trip-hop, soul, indie and folktronica; this will either ensure it's a major success or a little bit too different for most people's record collections. We're hoping it's the former because music that doesn't play by the rules is something we embrace with open arms. Whether or not the public do is a different matter. I guess all we can do is repeat ourselves and suggest that maybe their next move will be what makes or breaks them, we genuinely wish them luck though.

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