Saturday, 2 February 2013

iamforest - Structures

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OK, so chillwave has gotten WAY out of hand with any idiot and his laptop thinking they can make decent tunes, so is there anywhere for the genre to turn next or should it just be left to die a dignified death and then undergo a brief revival in twenty years' time like other styles do? Vancouver's iamforest has other ideas if we take his new single 'Structures' as an example. Loosely describing his sound as "chillwave" or "electronic" is hardly going to set pulses racing, but give this track a listen and there's far more depth and a lot more going on than you'd expect.

Yes it's atmospheric, but it's not all washed out (pun intended) or overly ambient. The beats are big and as well as the token layered synths there's some tidy electric guitar running freely through the song, as though it's been given free rein to do what it wants. Vocally iamforest doesn't settle for faint, echoey whispers in the background either; this too is layered and overlapped. It's less like the 80s synth brigade given a lo-fi makeover (or should that be make under?) and more like 90s ambient sounds being given a kick up the backside and told to make themselves useful. Maybe this will be what chillwave does next.

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