Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Frank's Daughter - Fall Fully Backwards

Single review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

We've been bleating on about Nancy Sinatra quite a lot recently, I wonder if that's the Frank's Daughter this pair have named themselves after? This may be unlikely as one of the duo is called Frank, the other being Arthur, and Frank & Arthur sounds like an old music hall act. Cutting to the chase, these guys found themselves working in Brooklyn a few years back, and upon returning to Deptford decided that they actually might prefer heading back to Brooklyn to launch their musical venture. Can't think why. And so Frank's Daughter was born and will be launched to the unsuspecting world with debut single 'Fall Fully Backwards' on March 4th, with an album scheduled for May.

Whether it be their travels (which included recording in a rented out-of-season hotel at a ski resort) or just a natural gift for blocking outside influences, it looks like they've come to us fully prepared and with their own sound already at a well developed stage. As is often the case with genre-blurring music we could be here all week chatting about influences and so on, but that doesn't really matter. They've got sharp and reasonably hectic beats which seem the direct opposite of the slowly swooshing synths and unhurried vocal style. The bass rushes along at points too, sometimes slowing down as though it can't decide which part of the song it should follow. This combination of opposing tempos combined with a good tune sounds like a successful one to us.

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