Monday, 4 February 2013

Artist To Check Out: Salt Ashes

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Only (very!) recently were we predicting a downturn in interest when it comes to female popstars churning out 80s-style synth-pop numbers, then we hear that new Brighton artist Salt Ashes is planning to release a cover of Depeche mode's 1986 track 'Black Celebration' for free from her Facebook page on March 20th. Do we write her of as having missed the boat or do we see what else she's got in store? Pop, as we all know, has a way of adapting, so we went on the hunt for some of her original work and we're pleased to note that it's classy electro-pop minus the contrived retro element that's becoming so tired. It looks like Salt Ashes could be one to look out for after all.

We don't really do covers, so if you want a listen you'll find the track here, and we'll concentrate on her own tunes. These are pretty much pure pop, although it comes without the merest whiff of cheese, so fans of "proper" music won't be let down either. 'L.O.V ANXIETY' is possibly the best shot at a chart hit if she can get her way on to some daytime radio playlists, and it would be a worthy hit at that. Elsewhere 'If You Let me Go' is another song with a winning pop formula, but you can't help but wonder if she's too good for the charts in their current state? Hopefully not and her Kate Bush-given-a-modern-makeover style will inject some elegance and grace in amongst the pap. We're waving a flag in support of her challenge.

Salt Ashes' website

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