Friday 9 November 2012

TV Buddhas - Band In The Modern World EP

EP review by KevW

Our catchment area for bands has been spreading a little further than the usual towns and countries over the past few months and this is excellent news. Firstly it shows that the appetite for making great music is spread right across the globe (which of course we knew it was, but it's not often that well documented or embraced by UK press) and secondly it means that we're providing a platform, albeit a small one, for these artists to display their wares. The tangled web of rock and pop music is prone to throwing up surprise links between bands, and it wasn't until we read further into the story of Berlin-based garage-punk band TV Buddhas that we found they originate in Israel and share a member with ace Tel Aviv shoegazers Vaadat Charigim.

So there's shared personnel, and both bands share a love for noisy guitars, but the furious punk racket that TV Buddhas have chosen to impale themselves on is more direct and concise than their more experimental cousins. 'Band In The Modern World' includes a key component that's missing from many modern punk bands; it's driven by the spirit that originally laid down the foundations many years ago. There's no aimless thrashing, these are short, sharp and angry tunes, and the final word there, tunes, is the most important. It's easy enough to copy but all the better if your songs are up to scratch. They only have the one trick but it's a belter, making  'In The Shadow Of A Wave', 'Don't Tell Me It's Gonna Be OK' and the others sound like the Ramones resurrected and with an axe to grind.

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