Thursday 1 November 2012

The Deadline Shakes - Sweeten The Deal

Single review by KevW

The cover of this debut single by Glasgow band The Deadline Shakes looks like a load of bricks that have just been thrown on a table and some have ended up spelling out their name, and oddly that's a decent metaphor for their sound. 'Sweeten The Deal' is a load of sounds thrown together that have magically resulted in a near perfect guitar-pop song. It's almost certainly a more organised process than that, unless they really are magicians, and you can hear elements of country, psychedelia, rock, indiepop, sun-kissed beauty and Spectorish grandeur, all jostling for space and each finding their place as though it were second nature.

What this amounts to is a totally timeless song that will be loved by people who enjoy 60s sounds right up to those who've been absorbed by modern experimental pop alchemists like Animal Collective. I guess you could say they're a bit like a Scottish version of The See See; this song has some precision melodies and harmonies going on, a glint in its eye and a little fire burning in its belly. It's a hugely endearing fusion of organic sounds including frantic guitar and (possibly) mandolin as well as thundering drum rolls for added drama. It sounds as though it was a heck of a lot of fun to record and likewise it's something of a challenge to listen to without breaking out into a big smile.

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