Friday, 2 November 2012

Balthazar - The Oldest Of Sisters

Single review by KevW

Belgian quartet Balthazar are "hotly-tipped" according to the UK press, but to put that into perspective, try going and finding a new band that aren't claiming to be "hotly-tipped". Regardless of this, it looks as though Balthazar are already pretty darn established thank you very much. New to our ears maybe, but we'll bet a fair few who stumble upon this review will be well aware of their music, perhaps latest album 'Rats' marks what will be a push for more UK success. The group formed back in 2008 and have a sizable following according to their Facebook stats, so just what have we been missing out on?

Current single 'The Oldest Of Sisters', which is taken from the 'Rats' album, is nothing spectacular, but it impresses in a less direct fashion. Instead of grabbing you by the jugular straight away, it takes a few plays to establish itself. Even then it's more music to admire than to get excited about. Balthazar unquestionably know how to pen a unique song; there's no floundering about replicating others, 'The Oldest Of Sisters' is an interestingly structured tale that dabbles with jazz and baroque sounds as well as experimental chamber-indie. For reference you could happily file this alongside The Miserable Rich, Fanfarlo or even Wild Beasts.

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