Sunday, 15 September 2013

Wax Fang - King Of The Kingdom Of Man

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After finally getting wind of Wax Fang's plan to release three stand-alone singles earlier this week, we featured the pretty awesome alt-rock that was 'The Blonde Leading The Blonde' from back in May. Now we're just about up to date in featuring 'King Of The Kingdom Of Man' within a couple of weeks of its unveiling. To be honest we were expecting more of their quite unique and definitely interesting indie-rock numbers, but what they've given us is something entirely different, and surprisingly this track is even better.

It can take a lot for songs that head out on seven-minute journeys to maintain interest and truly excel. Here we're given an opening that could be lifted from the soundtrack to a Western movie, and this is followed by acoustic guitar and strings, not always the most thrilling of combinations. Here though, it's absolutely wonderful, and the contemplative (and far superior to most bands) lyrics add even more power to the piece, as backing vocals sigh and the track begins to steadily swell. There is a grand finale, but it's not as predictable as you may expect. Drums and electronic instruments enter the fray, but their purpose isn't to explode into stadium grandeur, it's to further drive home the point, and it's quite stunning. If the final of the trilogy beats this we'll be amazed.

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Oct 11 Cosmic Charlie's, Lexington, KY
Oct 12 Belknap Fall Festival, Louisville, KY

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