Saturday, 14 September 2013

The Tranq - Dissident

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The Tranq are beginning to sound like one of those bands who are one lucky break away from much wider recognition. Perhaps if they were in new York or London and not from Sweden. These things shouldn't matter, but as we all know, unfortunately they do. With their début album 'Loss Is For The Masses' out on Monday, 'Dissident' has been released as its second single, following 'My Heart is A Yo-Yo' earlier this year, and 'Dissident' is no hollow gesture. These aren't stereotypical or mundane lyrics, there's a political message for those who wish to decipher it.

When it comes to sound, this song is heavily influenced by post-punk and it would come shrouded in the same cold darkness were it not for the production which gives the body a pumping heart. It's no corpse, this song is alive and it has a solid pulse, a robust structure and a purpose. While Editors score another inexplicably high chart placing for sounds that are a poor man's version of what people like The Tranq are doing, we can only hope that sense prevails and some respect is given to these guys before too long.

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