Sunday, 15 September 2013

The Band In Heaven - Caught In A Summer Swell album preview

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First thoughts would suggest that The Band In Heaven may have missed the boat by a month or two by choosing to release their début album in mid-September, but when you take into account the fact that they're from Florida then sunny tunes will probably sound great at just about any time. If you factor in that the final song included here is titled 'Farewell Summer' then things begin to make even more sense. It's been a steady ascent for the quintet who formed nearly four years ago, but following some stellar singles they have an full-length that, rightly, comes with a sense of anticipation.

This anticipation is lived up to wonderfully. Just listen to opening track and previous single 'Dandelion Wine' and you won't require a second spin to know whether or not you like it. This is jangly psych-pop done like masters, and after such a reasonable amount of time together they've had the time to become masters of the sound they're aiming for. Bookending the album is closer 'Farewell Summer', a more reflective song that feels like the culmination of some great work and looks ahead to the future. There's the dreamy, driving 'Fairweather Friends' providing a mid-album highlight, and the equally good 'Does It Show' for anyone who can't wait any longer, but as the album arrives on Tuesday then it won't be long until you can get the full fix.

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