Thursday, 12 September 2013

Virginia Wing - Donna's Gift

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The lead-up and subsequent release of your début foray into the world of music can be equal parts exciting and nerve-racking. London-based quartet Virginia Wing can do away with any nervousness. At this point in their career, and with them being an "alternative" or "indie" type band (both words are very broad), it's likely that your average Calvin Harris fan won't take to 'Donna's Gift'. Boo-hoo. Is that really anything to worry about? Of course not. It would be foolish to think that this band don't know who their potential audience are, so the only nervousness could arise from how well it's received by them. They can't be expecting to become millionaires from a first single either.

So nervousness? Forget it guys, you've thrown out a winner here. I'd find it difficult to imagine that anyone who is into genres such as indiepop, shoegaze, post-punk, psych, guitar-pop and so on not liking this song. It might not be the record of the year, but it's very good and it doesn't just follow the beginner's guide to making an indie song. There's depth amongst these melodies and neatly played guitar, bass, organ and drums; each instrument does exactly what it should and no more. Nothing is ruined by trying to over-egg the pudding. 'Donna's Gift' actually is a gift for anyone with decent taste, and worth getting excited about.

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