Thursday, 12 September 2013

San Mei - Brighter

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I wonder what the young, good looking, talented singer-songwriter from Australia's Gold Coast, Emily AKA San Mei thinks of the phrase "it's all right for some"? As we all know, everything is relative and she may have had her fair share of life's bad deals as well, but that's not what comes across in the dreamy alt-pop that she's introducing herself with here. The song's even bloody called 'Brighter'. It's no big, feel-good party anthem, it's softer, slower and (clichés at the ready!) ethereal. It gently caresses you rather than excitedly bouncing around in front of you.

Yep, this is dreampop, with the emphasis on the "pop" part. The stuttering beats somehow manage to sound smooth and fluid, not breaking up the song like they could. For the most part these are kept minimal, as is the song in general. 'Brighter' relies heavily on San Mei's vocals which are warm and fluffy around the edges, snugly sat in the cosy synths and guitar that surround them; and these have also been softened, giving the song the feel of being wrapped up in a warm duvet on an icy winter's day, not that she'd know what one of those is...

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