Sunday, 15 September 2013

The Won Over - Happy Birthday/Open Arms

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Dundee is one of those cities that has a decent music scene, but perhaps due to its relative distance from your regular music centres (which in Scotland would be Glasgow and Edinburgh) many of these bands go unnoticed. The Won Over are only at the demo stage currently, with two tracks recorded this summer (these ones) and a further two from last year. The quartet have experience in previous bands so it's perhaps not a huge shock to find that the recording quality isn't as muddy or as tinny as some demos can be, in fact the production here is pretty solid.

The six-minute 'Happy Birthday' will likely have already drawn comparisons to Frightened Rabbit, and with this style and, naturally, a strong accent this is a comparison the band may already be sick off but will struggle to shake off. It's a good track, and the only sign of it still being a demo is perhaps a slight lack of direction. You're expecting it to go somewhere but it never quite gets there. 'Open Arms' is more anthemic, despite being the shorter of the two songs. It's clear that this is a band with passion; you can hear it right through these songs; and it's also clear they can play and they can make a decent sound. A few minor tweaks to the songs and it could be Frightened Rabbit being compared to them before long.

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