Sunday, 15 September 2013

Collapsing New People - Hide & Seek

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To be perfectly honest, I was ready to totally dismiss this song after the opening few seconds. The world does not need yet another bloody electro-pop band who have a taste for the '80s. Unless they can offer something new then it's like receiving a photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy. When this trend will end is likely to be a long way off, as any idiot can make that stuff on their laptop in a couple of hours and have it on Bandcamp by the next day. Why did I keep listening? It seems that Collapsing New People might have something to offer after all.

'Hide & Seek' is the latest single from last year's 'Crash Test Junkie' album, but rather than go through the motions, there's a slight and possibly unintentional Italo-disco side to this track (surprising considering they're Austrian) which automatically makes it more interesting. It's as '80s as a Ford Sierra wearing shoulder pads but this twist and the accented vocals do give 'Hide & Seek' a helping hand that means it's not quite as common as half the junk that floods our inbox. They could do with attempting to be a bit more inventive, but this turned out to be a pleasant curiosity after all.

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