Saturday, 14 September 2013

The Dirtbombs - Girl On The Carousel

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Earlier this week we featured 'Crazy For You', a single taken from The Dirtbombs' interestingly-titled new album 'Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-Blooey!' which is out in a few days. Personally, I'd heard little from the band since their early press attention, so I'm not in the best position to comment on how the band has developed since then, but this much poppier direction came as something of a surprise. Was this a good measure of where the band are at right now? Perhaps another track from the album, 'Girl On The Carousel', will shed some more light on things.

The band had threatened for a while to make a "bubblegum" record, so perhaps that pop song was the indicator that they'd finally done it. The cover art fits. 'Girl On The Carousel' actually confuses things even more. This isn't the garage of old or the pop of 'Crazy For You', this is almost a country waltz with a few harmonies creeping in. The best comparison I can come up with is latter-day Shack, but that band are also fairly varied. 'Girl On The Carousel' is a much better song than the first single, but it's a surprise which band it's attributed to. Come on then, who's kidnapped the real Dirtbombs?

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